Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Romaine Lettuce?

You know what bugs us? When the humans give us something delicious, and it turns out we can only have it as an occasional treat. Take bananas, for instance. They're delicious, but we can only have small amounts, and the humans like to space it out for our health. Romaine lettuce, on the other hand, can be fed to us almost daily. So, if we like it, that's how often we'll be demanding it, and the humans will have no good excuse not to give it to us!
Tug of war!
Lola! Hey! I wanted that piece!
This is good lettuce!
Romaine lettuce is crisp and delicious. We give it 5/5 stars, and will be demanding it almost daily from now on.


  1. My girls eat the leafy bit but leave the stalk, how fussy is that!

  2. My guinea pig loves lettuce and carrots she has one baby carrot and a small handful of lettuce everyday

  3. I have 4 male piggys that are spoiled rotten, they all 4 love their carrots but when it comes to the baby carrots, I have one that will not touch them and then to top it off if I do not feed one of them the carrots or lettuce first he will get an attitude and will ignore me for a couple of how fussy is that? lol