Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hello, George!

It's been a while since we posted last, but we have some exciting news to share with everyone. About a month ago, a friend of the humans moved from California with their Abyssinian piggie, George, a 3-year-old boar. The new apartment they moved to didn't allow pigs, so they asked if he could live with Lola. Plus, since George's former owner now lives nearby, she could watch him and Lola when the humans go out of town!

George, like Lola, had also recently lost his cagemate. Could two lonely widows find love in this crazy world?

The humans introduced George into the divided cage. George is a very shy pig. He would run when the humans came too close, and when they put fresh veggies in the cage, he would wait until they left the room to begin munching on them. He didn't understand Oxbow Simple Rewards, and wouldn't eat them at first.

Slowly, he began to open up. After about a month, he started eating the treats, and trying new foods. He stopped running for cover whenever the humans entered the room.

But the biggest breakthrough came by accident. When the humans were cleaning out the cage one day, George and Lola were in the divided temporary cage. They left the room and came back to find that George had snuck into Lola's section! Bewilderingly, they were actually getting along. When Lola lived with Broccoli, she would aggressively harass him and the vet declared that she might have to be a single pig forever, due to her hormonal issue. So it was really shocking to see them getting along.

Now Lola and George live together in an undivided cage. They have no flare ups and seem to enjoy each other's company. George even tolerates being held and pet by the humans for short periods of time, and shares his hut and toys with Lola.

Truly the best outcome anyone could have hoped for!