Sunday, November 27, 2016

Product Review: Carefresh Colorful Creations, Orange

Hi there, loyal readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your humans. (If you're in the United States, anyway. I know we have international readers as well who might not celebrate.) Thanksgiving is a good time for guinea pigs. We aren't carnivores, so we have no interest in turkey, but there are lots of fruits and veggies that humans often cook that we can eat: butternut squash, green beans, cranberries, and  so on. Make sure you wheek as loud as you can if you your humans aren't giving you some food you're allowed to have! They mean well, but they sometimes get too wrapped up in their own business and need a little reminder that we love food, too!

After all that Thanksgiving feasting, you'll need a nice place to lounge around, digest, and eventually do your business. That's when you'll appreciate having quality bedding in your cage. Which brings us to today's product review: Orange Carefresh Colorful Creations.

It's so orange.

Looks inviting in the little cage. And I think it will match my patches of tan fur.

Here's the description for this product :
"Carefresh Colorful Creations Small Animal Bedding allows you to create a fun and vibrant living space for your small pet while keeping him comfortable and dry. This colorful bedding made from natural paper fibers can match your room decor, show your favorite team's colors, or allow you to come up with a creative design of your own. However you choose to use it, you will create a unique and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for your small pet to live in."
We have reviewed several types of Carefresh bedding products before, including ones whose main selling point was their color. As with the other Carefresh colorful beddings, the bedding itself works great, and it looks fun:

Time to dive in and test it.
Also, it's quite comfortable to lounge around on. However, bright orange isn't a very good color for hiding the evidence of your Thanksgiving overindulgence, if you catch my drift.

We'll give Carefresh Colorful Creations, Orange 4.5/5 stars!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Honeynut Squash?

Why, hello there, fine Cavy Savvy readers! The humans were out of town for a bit, which meant we were also on vacation at the vet for boarding. The accommodations are nice, and it puts our minds at ease (in light of Broccoli's recent medical issues) to know that we have great veterinarians watching over us. Unfortunately, no one bothered to share the WiFi password with us there, so we weren't able to post anything.

We're back now! And, we have a new squash to review for you: Butternut Squash!
$1.50... Is that a lot of that money stuff or not? I don't know, but I think you should buy it!
If your human isn't already visiting their local farmer's market, you should encourage them to do so. They're a great source of new fruits and veggies to try!

So what is a Honeynut Squash anyway? We looked it up, and it turns out that Honeynut Squash is a variety of Butternut Squash that is crossed with buttercup squash. It turns out that a plant breeder at Cornell University created this new variety, which "fits in the palm of your hand and has about ten times the sweetness and squash flavor of the workaday butternut."

As with regular butternut squash, we can eat this 2-4 times per week, and shouldn't be fed the stalk, seeds or stem. Since this variety is bred to be sweeter than regular butternut squash, you should probably feed it to us less often (say, 2 times per week).

I'm willing to share, but please stay on your side of the plate, Broccoli!
Hey! This is clearly not respecting the boundaries I established! Food in my mouth is clearly not on your side of the plate!
After an initial feeding frenzy, Broccoli got bored for a bit and wandered off. But then he came back when he saw he was running out of time to eat more squash.

Walking onto the plate isn't very respectful of boundaries, either! You're really not good at following instructions. Please work on that!
I found Honeynut Squash to be a delightfully sweet variety of squash. Broccoli was a bit all over the map, however. First he wanted to eat it out of my mouth, then he was bored, and then he tries to take over the plate by sitting on it! I think our opinion of honeynut squash averages out to 4/5 stars!