Monday, February 22, 2016

Product Review: All Living Things Bottle Brush

As we've mentioned before, we're not very happy with the water bottle we currently have because it's hard for the humans to clean. It's unpleasant to hear our humans complain about how hard it is to reach deep down into the bottle to clean out the gunk that accumulates. We've tried getting flip-top water bottles before, which should have solved the problem, but which leaked so badly that they were unusable.

The humans brought home All Living Things Bottle Brush the other day in order to make cleaning our current water bottle easier without buying one of those leaky flip-top water bottles. (It could have just been the brand. If anyone can recommend any reliable flip-top bottles, please let us know in the comments section.)

Can this brush prevent the humans from complaining about how hard our water bottle is to clean?
Today, the humans gave it a shot.

Looks a lot easier now.
The brush bristles moved, allowing the thicker end to fit easily into the bottle. Because it was so wide, the humans were able to wipe off all that hard-to-reach gunk in under a minute. Therefore, we're very happy with this thing. There's also a smaller brush that's designed to clean the drinking tube on the water bottle. The humans had trouble making it fit in our water bottles' drinking tube.

For making our humans' lives easier, thereby saving our delicate ears from human grumbling and cursing, we're going to give All Living Things Bottle Brush 5/5 stars!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

From: Buffy and Broccoli
To: Our loyal readers

Happy Valentine's Day! (Broccoli, you're facing the wrong way! Turn around! Darn it...)
(Note: The chocolates behind us are for display purposes only. Don't feed chocolate to your guinea pigs!)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Another Buffy Update

Hi there, readers! Some of you are probably wondering how I'm doing since I got the bad news a few months ago about a uterine mass that's most likely cancer. The good news is that the medicine and Critical Care are still working to keep my weight up, and keep me in good spirits.
Why are you interrupting me while I'm eating pellets? Do you have something even better for me to eat? Carrots, perhaps?
The bad news is that I recently went to the vet, and the uterine mass is getting worse:
That's not good.
So things aren't looking great long-term, but I'm still feeling good in the short-term. Keep those positive thoughts coming.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs Supplement Quality

Here at Cavy Savvy, we are big on quality for everything we put into our bodies. We have already talked about the quality of our pellets, and the quality of our water. Today we want to talk about the quality of our vitamin c supplements.

As we've previously mentioned, adult guinea pigs need 10-30 mg of Vitamin C per kilogram of body weight per day, and we generally like taking our vitamin C. Although some claim that guinea pigs can get enough vitamin c through diet alone, giving us a vitamin c supplement can help ensure that we're getting enough.

Keep in mind the dosage of 10-30 mg of vitamin C per kilogram of body weight (we generally weigh around 1 kg, unless you have happen to have a cuy). You can go a little over this (our vet recommend 40 ml once daily for adult guinea pigs on one of out vitamin C supplements), but don't go too far over or we could develop a condition called pseudo-scurvy. It's easier to be precise with liquid vitamin C, but if your guinea pig prefers a tablet, you can cut a 100 mg tablet into quarters for 25 mg portions.

Assuming you've been able to find a type of supplement your guinea pig will take (liquid or tablet), and you know the correct dosage (might want to check with your vet to be sure on this one), how do you know you're providing a quality supplement? It's important to know that dietary supplements are not regulated like drugs are, and there have been a lot of quality issues found with them. Some of the worst cases involve adulterated supplements containing actual drugs like amphetamines. We haven't found cases of vitamin C being adulterated with drugs like this, but one study found that 27% of vitamin C didn't meet their label claims, containing either more or less than is listed.

Fortunately, there are organizations that can help you identify quality supplements: