Foods That Guinea Pigs Can Eat

Here is a list of foods we've reviewed. Please click on an entry to see the review. When using this list, please keep in mind the following: 
  • Feeding frequencies are approximate guidelines for that particular food only. You should also take into account your guinea pig's overall diet. For instance, you should not give your guinea pig multiple fruits that are listed as "1-2 times times per week" in a single day, as this would be way too much sugar. For information on planning your guinea pig's diet, see our post on Guinea Pig Nutrition and on choosing the right water for your guinea pig.
  • Most foods are in 100 gram portions. Please take note of exceptions.
  • Please read all reviews before feeding to find out which parts of the food are edible and which are not. (For example, artichokes have thorny parts that can be dangerous.)
  • The feeding frequencies are for healthy guinea pigs. Certain medical conditions (e.g. diabetes) require special diets.
(Note: We just noticed today [8/30/14] that the USDA website has changed their website, so the USDA nutrition links below now link to the wrong foods. We hope to fix this when we get a chance. Until then, you may have to search the USDA site for the correct food.)

Name of FoodFeeding FrequencyNutritional LinksCavy Savvy Rating
Apples1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Apples, Lady1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Apples, Pink Pearl1-2 per weekMy Fitness Pal5/5 stars
Apricots1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Apriums1-2 per weekMy Fitness Pal4/5 stars
Artichokes2-4 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Arugula2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Asian Pears1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Asparagus1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Banana1-2 per month [very small amounts]USDA4/5 stars
Basil1-2 per week [25 grams]USDA4/5 stars
Beets1-2 per week 1-2 per month for beet greensUSDA5/5 stars
Belgian Endivealmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Blackberries2-4 per week [25 gram portions]USDA5/5 stars
Blueberries2-4 per week [25 gram portions]USDA4/5 stars
Broccoli1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Broccoli, Chinese (Kai-lan, Gai-lan)1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Broccoli Raab /
Broccoli Rabe /
1-2 per weekUSDA3.5/5 stars
Broccolini1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Brussels Sprouts1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Cabbage, Alcosa2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Cabbage, Bok Choy1-2 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Cabbage, Green2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Cabbage, Red2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Cabbage, Savoy2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Cabbage, Stonehead2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Carrotsalmost daily [about 1 baby carrot]USDA5/5 stars
Carrots, Atlasalmost daily [about 1 baby carrot]USDA5/5 stars
Carrots, Purplealmost daily [about 1 baby carrot]USDA5/5 stars
Carrots, Redalmost daily [about 1 baby carrot]USDA5/5 stars
Carrots, Whitealmost daily [about 1 baby carrot]USDA5/5 stars
Cauliflower1-2 per weekUSDA4.5/5 stars
Celeriac (Celery Root)unknown [occasional treat]USDA5/5 stars
Celery2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Chardalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Chayote???USDA4/5 stars
Cherimoya???USDA4/5 stars
Cherries2-4 per week [25 grams]USDA3/5 stars
Cilantro (Coriander,
Chinese parsley,
almost daily [25 grams]USDA5/5 stars
Collard Greens1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Corn1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Corn, Baby1-2 per weekNutrition & Food Science4/5 stars
Cranberries2-4 per week [25 grams]USDA4/5 stars
Crowberries1 per week?USDA5/5 stars
Cucumbers2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Cucumbers, Lemon2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Cucumbers, Old2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Currants2-4 per week [25 grams?]USDA5/5 stars
Dandelion Greens2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Dill1-2 per week [25 grams]USDA4.5/5 stars
Eggplant1-2 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Eggplant, Thai1-2 per weekn/a4/5 stars
Feijoa 1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Fennel ???World's Healthiest Foods5/5 stars
Figs1 per week [1 medium]USDA3/5 stars
Frisée (Curly endive, chicory)almost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Gooseberriesalmost daily [25 grams]USDA4/5 stars
Grapefruit1 per 2 weeksUSDA5/5 stars
Grapes2-4 per week [25 grams]USDA5/5 stars
Grapes, Black Corinth (Champagne grapes)2-4 per week [25 grams]USDA3/5 stars
Grass, Wheatgrass???n/a4.5/stars
Green Beans (string bean, snap bean, ejotes)2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Guava, Mexican1 per week?USDA3.5/5 stars
HaydailyGuinea Lynx Hay Chartvaries
Horned Melon (kiwano, jelly melon, hedged gourd, melano)???USDA5/5 stars
Huckleberries1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Jicama (yam bean, Mexican turnip)???USDA3/5 stars
Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke, sunroot, earth apple)1-2 per monthUSDA5/5 stars
Kale1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Kiwi 1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Kiwi, Passion Poppers 1-2 per weekn/a2/5 stars
Kohlrabi1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Kumquats???USDA1.5/5 stars
Lemons???USDA1/5 stars
Lemongrassoccasionally?nutrition-and-you.com2/5 stars
Lettuce, Butterheadalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Lettuce, Green Leafalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Lettuce, Oakleafalmost daily5 a Day5/5 stars
Lettuce, Redalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Lettuce, Romainealmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Limes???USDA1/5 stars
Lychees (Litchis)???USDA5/5 stars
Mango, Champagne1-2 per weekUSDA4.5 stars
Mangosteen???nutrition-and-you.com5/5 stars
Marigold1 per week???n/a5/5 stars
Marjoram???n/a4/5 stars
Melon, Canary1-2 per weekmyfitnesspal5/5 stars
Melon, Cantaloupe1-2 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Melon, Honeydew1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Melon, Pepino  (pepino dulce, melon pear, tree melon)???J. Elementol.4/5 stars
Melon, Sakata Sweet1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Melon, Santa Claus (Christmas melon, piel de sapo)???n/a4/5 stars
Micro Greens???Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry3/5 stars
Miner's Lettuce (Indian lettuce, winter purslane)1-2 per week?n/a5/5 stars
Mint Leaves2-3 per weekn/a1/5 stars
Mustard Greens1-2 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Nectarines1-2 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Nectarines, Mango1-2 per week?n/a5/5 stars
Okra1-2 per weekUSDA2/5 stars
Oranges1-2 per week [peels: 2-4 per week, 25 grams]USDA5/5 stars
2.5/5 stars]
Papaya1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Parsley2-4 per week [25 grams]USDA5/5 stars
Parsnips1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Passion fruit (granadilla)???USDA2/5 stars
Peaches1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Pears1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Pears, Prickly ???USDA3.5/5 stars
Peas, Sugar Snap (Snap peas, mangetout)2-4 per weekUSDA2/5 stars
Peppers, Greenalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Peppers, Orange2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Peppers, Purplealmost dailyMyFitnessPal5/5 stars
Peppers, Red2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Peppers, Whitealmost dailyn/a5/5 stars
Peppers, Yellowalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Persimmons1 per week?USDA4.5/5 stars
Pineapple1-2 per weekUSDA2/5 stars
Plantains1 per month [very small amounts]USDA4/5 stars
Plums1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Plums, Sour Green1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Pluots1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Pomegranate???USDA3/5 stars
Pomelos (pummelo, shaddock)1 per 2 weeksUSDA5/5 stars
Pumpkin1-2 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Quince???USDA4/5 stars
Radicchioalmost dailyUSDA5/5 stars
Radishes1-2 per monthUSDA5/5 stars
Raisins1-2 per month [1-2 raisins]USDA5/5 stars
Raspberriesalmost daily [25 grams]USDA5/5 stars
Raspberries, Goldenalmost daily [25 grams]USDA5/5 stars
Romanesco Cauliflower (Romanesco broccoli)1-2 per week5 a Day5/5 stars
Rosemary1 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Sage???n/a2/5 stars
Sapodilla (sapoche, sapote)???USDA5/5 stars
Satsuma1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Spinach1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Sprouts, Sweet Pea1-2 per week?n/a4/5 stars
Squash Blossoms???n/a4/5 stars
Squash, Acorn2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Squash, Bonbon2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Squash, Butternut2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Squash, Calabaza2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Squash, Carnival2-4 per weekCaloriecount.com5/5 stars
Squash, Delicata2-4 per weekn/a4/5 stars
Squash, Golden Nugget2-4 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Squash, Honeynut2-4 per weekn/a4/5 stars
Squash, Hubbard2-4 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Squash, Kabocha2-4 per [Japanese]4/5 stars
Squash, Red kuri 2-4 per weekWikipedia3.5/5 stars
Squash, Scallop2-4 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Squash, Spaghetti2-4 per weekUSDA4/5 stars
Squash, Sunshine2-4 per weekn/a4.5/5 stars
Squash, Turban2-4 per weekn/a4/5 stars
Squash, Yellow2-4 per weekUSDA2.5/5 stars
Starfruit (Carambola)1-2 per weekUSDA3.5/5 stars
Strawberriesalmost daily [5 small]USDA5/5 stars
Sunberries (Wonderberries)1-2 per weekn/a5/5 stars
Sweet Potatoes1-2 per monthUSDA4/5 stars
Tarragon???n/a5/5 stars
Tatsoi (Spinach mustard, Spoon mustard, Rosette bok choy)???n/a5/5 stars
Thyme1-2 per week [25 grams]USDA3/5 stars
Tomatoes, Cherryalmost daily [1]n/a5/5 stars
Tomatoes, Vine-Ripened 2-4 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Turnip Greens1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Turnips1-2 per weekUSDA3/5 stars
Ugli Fruit ???Fruitsinfo; Ugli.com5/5 stars
Watercress1-2 per weekUSDA4.5/5 stars
Watermelon1-2 per weekUSDA5/5 stars
Yu Choy (Green Choy Sum, Choisum, You Cai)1-2 per weekn/a3/5 stars
Zucchini (courgette)almost dailyUSDA2/5 stars

Key sources: Veggie and Fruit Chart; Ly&Pigs;


  1. Replies
    1. According to one of the admins, they are edible. Another user claims that guinea pigs love them. We've never tried them, though, so we can't speak to that.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Can they eat carrot tops or carrot leaves?

    1. The diet expert at says: "Carrot tops contain much more calcium than the carrot themselves. They can be fed but only a couple times per week in limited amounts."

  3. What is your advice about feeding Vietnamese mint?

    1. We did find one person who claimed to give their guinea pigs Vietnamese mint as a treat every so often. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find anything definitive about whether it's safe or not, so you might want to avoid feeding it just to be on the safe side.

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  5. I've always wondered about radishes. I eat the a lot so the moment he hears me crunching my baby boy goes crazy.. I've never given him a whole one, just a small bite but, I've wondered if it is ok for him.

  6. I love pomegranates, and so does my piggy. I would give her a few kernels at feeding time and it was usually the first thing she ate from the bowl. Just wanted you to know, since there was a "?" by them

  7. I'm sure I read somewhere pomegranates are fine. My babies love them as a treat, as I expect they contain a lot of sugar.

  8. How often can they have mange tout?

    1. 2-4 times per week--see the chart above. They're listed under Sugar Snap Peas.

  9. Oliver and Sebastian notice that their humans eat avocado a lot, and wonder if they could taste a nibble safely?

  10. I was wondering about avocado as well. What about mushrooms? Just portabella or white mushrooms

  11. Brand new Guinea Pig owner and I love them! Just found this information and find all of it so helpful. Thank you!! Can't wait to start giving "the babies" fresh food!❤ Do they still need all the timothy hay and bagged food from the pet store in addition to some of your listed fresh items? I was planning on leaving all available for them at different times and according to the your guidelines for the fresh produce. Again, thank you for this wonderful very inclusive list and the wisdom of Lola, Buffy and Broccoli. Its fabulous!

    1. Guinea pigs need to have hay to eat at all times.
      As for pellets you should feed about 1/4 of a cup to each pig every day.

  12. I grow greens outside for my Russian tortoise. Can my piggies eat Lamium (Dead Nettle)? Or Hops leaves? Or Mulberry leaves?

    1. We just answered your question about lamium (dead-nettle) in a new post. We'll have to get back to you on the other two after we've had a chance to do some more research.

  13. Hey there
    I was just thinking whether I can fed my cavies green foxtail grass?
    Also plzz mention the commonly available grasses that I can feed my girls

  14. Hey everyone
    Can guinea pigs eat

    It's a green herb I think..
    It's a Mexican plant
    If anyone knows
    Thanks 😉