Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Place to Store Timothy Hay

The newest shipment of timothy hay came in last week from Hayloft! Last time, we had the humans order 15lbs of second cut timothy hay to see if we would like it. 15 lbs lasted us nearly three months, and we liked it so much that this time we ordered 25lbs! That's half a year's supply for around $50, which, if you compare with pet store prices, is very cheap.

So the package arrived and the humans decided that they needed a place to store this giant bale of hay. Rather than have the massive cardboard shipping box sit in the middle of the living room (which doubles as our spot for floor time), they invested in a wicker hamper from World Market. Check it out:

It takes up much less floor space, which means we'll have more room to run around.

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  1. My Guinea pig (Oliver) doesn't seem to take much of a liking to Timothy hay. Every time I put it in his cage he barely touches it. Do you have any idea why?