Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Horned Melon?

Horned melon, also known as kiwano, is not something you'll find listed on most guinea pig food lists. They're on the Guinea Pig Hutch list under "question foods" that they don't know enough about. People on forums have pointed out that they are high in vitamin C, which is good, but there's been some concern about the seeds in it. It turns out the seeds are soft like cucumber seeds, so we decided to proceed with caution. The humans only fed us the interior part, of course.

Where do you keep finding these strange fruits to feed us?
Oh, no. Here comes trouble...
Broccoli, as usual, displayed more interest in us than in the new food. Don't you ever get bored of sniffing us while we eat, Broccoli? Don't you realize that you're missing out on new experiences just to bother us? Silly piggy. Anyway, the kiwano is very soft and mushy, and the seeds didn't pose a problem. They were pretty tasty. 5/5 stars.

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