Sunday, June 3, 2012

Product Review: Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Cranberries

The Hayloft hay is taking longer than expected to arrive, so the humans got us a couple more of Kaytee's novelty hays to tide us over. How many flavors of hay can they make? I bet after these two, we'll have tried them all, but who knows?

This time, we're reviewing Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Cranberries. The last time we tried cranberries, we found them really intense and flavorful, so we're interested to try this hay.
Kaytee sure makes a lot of different novelty hays.
Mmm... Seed-heads...
All the seed-heads belong to me, Broccoli!
There weren't a lot of cranberries in this hay, but that's just as well since dried fruit tends to have a lot of sugar. As with all the Kaytee hays we've tried, the hay is a little coarse, but there's a good number of seed-heads, which are our favorite part. We'll give Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Cranberries 3/5 stars.

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  1. Wow, cranberry is something I never thought to try. You can't really get them in Ireland, except sometimes around Christmas.