Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oakleaf Lettuce?

Oakleaf lettuce is safe for piggies to eat. While this specific type of lettuce is not on our favorite food chart, all other types of lettuce can be fed almost daily, so it's probably safe to assume this applies to oakleaf lettuce as well.

I think there's a subtle struggle for dominance between Broccoli and Lola. I'm trying to keep my distance.

Leave my food alone! I don't see you doing this to Broccoli! 
I'm going to eat facing this way from now on.
Oakleaf lettuce is delicious. You know you've got a good food when Lola tries to steal it from you. 5/5 stars!


  1. How much is the small portion you mentioned in the tatsoi review?

  2. Question:

    Can Guinea Pigs eat Raddico?

  3. Question:

    Can Guinea Pigs eat Raddico?

  4. Can guinea pigs have sweet potato?

    1. Yes, according to our favorite chart, but like bananas, it's one of those foods you have to feed rarely and in small portions. The reason for this, according to the chart, is that sweet potatoes are "High in sugar, A and oxalates." Please keep in mind that yams are also okay, according to the chart, but regular potatoes should be avoided altogether because they are toxic to piggies.

      We may do a post on sweet potatoes in the future now that we know you're interested.