Saturday, May 11, 2013

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Red Cabbage?

Red cabbage can be fed to us 2-4 times per week, but only in small portions because it is a gassy food. Spoiler alert: we loved red cabbage, so we're disappointed we can only have a small portion today, but we're looking forward to having some more later this week.

We liked red cabbage so much that we even licked the plate afterwards! We'll give red cabbage 5/5 stars!


  1. OMG! They look so cute eating! Hi! I'm from Venezuela :). I'll make a menu following your posts, they're awesome and helpful. Thank you for that! My guinea pig is 6-7 months, but I think he's diabetic. He's too thin and drinks a lot of water. I was wondering if you could write a review of diabetic guinea pigs, that would be amazing. Specially if includes a food guidance. Thank you for all!

    1. Hi Rosangela! I'm glad to see we have fans in Venezuela. Do a lot of people have guinea pigs as pets in your country?

      We responded to your question in our latest Ask A Guinea Pig post, by the way. :)

    2. Oh Thanks! Well I'm not sure about it... None of my friends have guinea pigs, but the pet store always has new ones for adoption. I guess there's a lot of people who loves them, but i just don't know them jeje.

      I'll keep reading :). Thx again!