Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Product Review: Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding Crumble

You may remember that we reviewed a product with a very similar name: Sunseed Fresh World Bedding. Well, turns out that Vitakraft and Sunseed are the same company, and some bedding products get the Vitakraft logo while others get the Sunseed logo. Last time, the Vitakraft/Sunseed Fresh World bedding we tried was the "grey" one; this time, we're going to review the "crumble" kind.

There is a guinea pig on the front of this. He or she is to the right, but seems to have been cut off in this photo.
So this is what we'll be walking on for the next few weeks, huh?
Like the other bedding in this product line, we were pretty happy with this one in terms of odor control, color, dustiness, price/value (so we don't have to listen to humans complain about money!), being easy for the humans to clean, and being made of natural stuff. The one area where this bedding wasn't as good was being fun to walk on. We found the pellets to be too hard, like we're walking on little pebbles. This is not a bedding that you're likely to catch us napping on. We'll give Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding Crumble 3.5/5 stars.

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