Monday, December 7, 2015

Buffy Status Update

While we would have liked to have provided you with another food review, product review, etc. by now, it's hard to think about those kinds of things when Buffy is sick like this. So for now, we're just going to give you a status update on Buffy.

The original discharge instructions said that we should have our humans contact the vet if Buffy doesn't improve in 3-5 days. Fortunately, she seems to be getting better. The humans have been diligently feeding Buffy her Critical Care and medicines, and for the past few days, her weight has been going up:
  • 12/2/15 = 727
  • 12/3/15 = 731
  • 12/4/15 = 747
  • 12/5/15 = 755
Hopefully, her increasing weight means that we can shift our attention from the partial GI stasis to the uterine mass. The next steps are for the humans to call the vet with a status update, and to schedule a recheck examination soon to "reevaluate the suspected reproductive tract mass/pathology." 
Glad to see you're not too sick for floor time with me, Buffy!
Let's hope the good news keeps coming so we can get back to reviewing products that you might be considering getting your guinea pig for the holidays!