Sunday, January 10, 2016

Product Review: Grreat Choice Small Pet Chew Ring

That's not a typo in the post title--at least, not on our part. The company that makes this is product is actually called "Grreat Choice," because nothing says you've chosen well than buying from a company with a typo in their name.

Okay, maybe we're not being fair. We shouldn't judge a product just based on the company name, right? It could turn out to be a great product. A "grreat" product, even. (Sorry, couldn't help ourselves!)

Anyway, today we're reviewing Grreat Choice Small Pet Chew Ring, which claims to "support positive chewing behaviors" and "help reduce boredom." Let's check it out:

Do I want to chew on this thing?
Nah, I'm not interested, and neither is she.
When the humans saw that neither of us were interested, they hung it up in our cage in case we'd change our minds. We didn't. We'll give this product 2/5 stars since just like the Kaytee layer cakes, it seems to be safe to chew on, but we just have no interest in doing so. 


  1. We can't see the point of chew toys - not when there are carrots around.

    1. We're not allowed to have unlimited carrots for health reasons, though. :-) We do like to chew on our log and hut sometimes, but usually not toys like this.