Saturday, June 4, 2016

Guinea Pig Attractions Around the World: Fortune-Telling Guinea Pig in India

It's time for another installment in our guinea pig attractions around the world series! We previously told you about the Cavy Village in the Netherlands, the Guinea Pig Bridge in Japan, and the Guinea Pig Races in Colombia. Today, we're going to showcase a fortune-telling guinea pig in India:

We love chewing on paper, too! That human better grab that card quickly if he wants to keep it. (image source: Open Magazine)
The story here is that this man, S Govindaraj, is a street fortune teller in Bangalore, India. He used parrots in the past to pick his cards, but then parrots became a protected species, so he switched to a guinea pig named Ganesh (pictured above). He charges 20 rupees for read your fortune (that's about $0.30 for you humans who care about that money stuff), and will do birthdays and other functions.

The article about Ganesh was written in 2013, and said that Ganesh had been with his human for five years. Given that guinea pigs live about 5-7 years, it seems likely that Ganesh may no longer be with us. However, the article also mentions that Ganesh had a guinea pig apprentice who was only a few months old named Murugan. Murugan may be in charge of reading fortunes now.

If anyone has seen an update to this story, or has actually been to Bangalore and experienced guinea pig fortune-telling, please let us know in the comments section!


  1. I don't know but this is cute :D

  2. Ganesh is sitting so nicely in his human's lap, but he is definitely eyeing those cards to chew on! :D

  3. Really cute, I had no idea they had that many teeth! I can't wait to tell my little cousin who adores my Guinea pigs 😊

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