Thursday, April 27, 2017

Guinea Pig Attractions Around the World: Inokashira Park Zoo Guinea Pig House Revisited

We don't generally like to repeat ourselves, and we've already done a guinea pig attractions around the world post on the guinea pig house in Inokashira Park Zoo. However, since the humans actually got a chance to see this guinea pig attraction in person, we figured that our loyal readers may appreciate the opportunity to get a closer look at this one.

Notice that the guinea pig house has special hours.
The humans showed up between 11:30 - 13:30 (AKA 1:30 PM), and saw these "Resting" signs.
These plush guinea pigs were nearby, and could be handled at any time, however.
When you visit, it's good to get there early. There's a line to pet the guinea pigs!
Once you get through the line, everyone gets to pick a guinea pig to pet.
You get about 15 minutes of petting time, and then the next group of people in line get their turn.
After petting the guinea pigs, you can always see all the other animals in the zoo. Or, you can get right back in line and wait your turn to pet guinea pigs again!

Have you seen any guinea pig attractions that you think we should feature on the blog? If so, let us know in the comments section.


  1. Do you think it stresses the piggies out to be handled by so many people? We'd be a little scared by all that commotion! -- Sebastian and Max

  2. The Piggyfriends love to have visitors who can pet them and give them treats. I am pleased to see that these piggies have resting times when they can catch up on a nap. They probably get used to all the attention and I expect that the people who run this zoo only put piggies out for attention that are happy to do it. I used to take groups of piggies along to RSPCA Pet Days and I only took the ones who would enjoy all the fuss. I would love to visit this zoo. It is a nice idea to have plush piggies to pet as well.