Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guinea Pig Social Hour

The other day, the humans decided to try having us play together on the striped carpet. Up until now, the humans have always put us on the colorful square carpet when the three of us are together. Nobody has "claimed" the colorful squares carpet, mainly because it is rare that any of us are brave enough to venture over to the other room (but also because the colorful square carpet is ugly and none of us really want to be seen on it). So the colorful square carpet, being neutral and disliked all around, is where the humans have let us interact when we're all out having floor time together.

We've been getting along so well lately, with fewer incidents of nipping, burring and other general unpleasantries, so the humans let us all out on the striped carpet. Now, Lola and I really enjoy the striped carpet. It is in the same room as our cage, and it's huge. We love running around on it, and up until now, we thought it was reserved exclusively for our use. It turns out Broccoli has been allowed to roam the striped carpet when we are secure in our cage. So the issue has arisen that now none of us know who exactly owns the striped carpet territory. When the humans released all three of us from our cage the other day and let us out on the striped carpet, it was battle royal:

Luckily, nobody was hurt. I'm telling you, if the human hadn't been giving Lola the "I'm watching you, missy!" look, I'm pretty sure she would have showed Broccoli who's boss.


  1. Looks like it might be bath time! :P It's not soo bad and it worked for my brother's two guinea pigs. They will hate it but its worth a try to get them to be better friends.

  2. I suggest mini flags, so each of you guys can claim a spot. :P