Sunday, February 12, 2012

Introducing Guinea Pigs

Back when Broccoli was neutered, we said we were really looking forward to finally meeting him. The introduction didn't go as smoothly as we hoped, though. The humans did everything right: they put us together on opposite ends of neutral territory, and let us meet on our own terms. Buffy and I wanted to take things slow, but Broccoli rushed right up to us.
Whoa! Slow down there, cowboy. Give us a few minutes to get used to the idea of being next to you with no cage between us.
Okay, little boy, you want to challenge my dominance? Are you really that crazy?
You better back down! I am twice your size.
Can you believe him? I'm the dominant pig, and I'm not about to let him take that away from me. My teeth started chattering, I raised the hairs on my back and neck, and I made my angry, low grumbling sound. He didn't back down, so I had to lunge at him and bite. That's when the humans stepped in and separated us. Having my authority challenged like that upset me so much that I chased Buffy around when I was back in my own cage (you know, just so she doesn't get any ideas from him).

I heard one of the humans say something about how they read online that bathing us all together can erase our smells and get us to bond instead of fight. Hopefully, they'll forget all about that crazy idea, but if they don't, expect to read an angry blog post here about our treatment!


  1. Good luck with the next attempt!

  2. He was just excited about meeting new pigs!

  3. yikes! That is some guinea pig drama! They will love you in due time Broccoli.

  4. you better share food to the girls lola likes food and buffy does too:):):):):):) smiles!

  5. Hi, Im having trouble getting two piggies to get along. My room mate and I each have a guinea pig and we want them to get along, but we are having some trouble. Whenever we put the two of them in the same space, Reeses will chatter her teeth at my Lola and headbutt her. Im worried about Lola because she is only 6 months and is really small compared to Reeses, who is a large piggy thats been alone for her whole life (about a year and a half). So in your opinion, is it to late to give Reeses such a big change or should I keep trying and use the bathing method?