Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guinea Pig Ate Lily - What To Do

Lola here. I've had a particularly rough week. It started on Tuesday, when I rattled my cage bars until one of the humans let me out. Nice, I thought. An excuse to run around and have some floor time.

The human was busy cleaning and had placed one of those yummy looking houseplants they have on the floor for a moment to dust the small table they usually keep it on. I've been wanting to try that plant for the longest time, but those stingy humans don't want to share, so they keep it high above the floor when me and the other guinea pigs can't get to it.
I waited until the human's back was turned and ran over to the plant. I quickly devoured one of the leaves, but before I could eat any more, the human saw me and ran towards me screaming. What's your problem, human? Why are you freaking out-

Oh. Ugh. Wait a minute.

I don't feel so well.

Maybe there's a reason the humans have been keeping me away from house plants. The human scooped me up and put me back in my cage, gave me fresh water, and immediately called the vet.

From what I could gather, I had eaten a poisonous houseplant called a Calla Lily. The vet suggested that the human call the ASPCA's animal poison control number (888-426-4435) to try to determine how bad my situation was. The phone consultation cost $65 and they told the human that based on a variety of factors (my age, weight, symptoms, amount of lily I had consumed) I would probably be okay. They told the human to watch me for the next 24 hours and if I showed any signs (diarrhea, not eating, not drinking water, drinking water constantly, winching in pain when belly is touched, or becoming lethargic), they should take me to the vet ASAP. They also said that a small amount of yogurt (1/4 teaspoon) would help relieve my oral discomfort but that yogurt should not be a regular food since it's not all that good for us.
Calla Lilies can be deadly to guinea pigs.
I coughed a bit and stuck my tongue out a few times but otherwise had no symptoms. Within a day, I was back to normal. The humans took me to the vet just in case but as far as they could tell, I got lucky and will be fine.

Humans, please learn from my stupid human's mistake: Lily houseplants, such as Calla Lilies and Peace Lily, can be deadly to guinea pigs. If you accidentally see us eating it, you need to call the animal poison number listed above to determine your course of action. Never, ever let us near any house plants unless you know they are safe. Even though I'm feeling better, I still risked kidney damage and death by nibbling on that calla lily.


  1. Lucky Lola. We are so relieved that you are OK.

    Lots of plants are poisonous, especially those which grow from a bulb. Our Slave is a gardener and knows to keep any dangerous plants well out of our reach. It only takes a moment for an unsuspecting piggy to nibble a leaf.

  2. Poor Lola! I don't think guinea pigs can resist green leaves - no matter what they are. Glad she is ok.

  3. $65 is a lot of $$$. Seriously... I'm not sure I would call them knowing how much it costs.

    1. I should say, unless I thought it was serious, of course.

  4. Hi! I would like to know if everything went well. Is your guinea pig ok?

  5. My guinea ate one lily flower .. idk what to do!? Help!!? .. he seems ok

  6. Glad your piggie is OK. Also, can guinea pigs eat easter lilys.