Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Product Review: Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Marigolds

Our humans were a little late ordering hay this time (bad humans!), so they had to go to the pet store and get some hay to tide us over until the new shipment of Kleenmama hay arrives. They found some interesting new varieties of hay for sale, so they brought home a couple for us to try. The first one we tried was Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Marigolds.
Does that hay have little orange flowers in it? Let me try it!
The hay is not bad. I don't know about the flowers, though.

Broccoli seems to agree. He's eating the fat seed heads and ignoring the flowers.

It was a nice idea to get a little bonus with our hay, but we didn't care for it in practice. None of us ate the flowers. We'll give it 2.5/5 stars for the decent hay and creativity.


  1. Hi, I found your blog while looking up whether my piggies can have chives or not. I bought this hay once and most of my piggies liked it except for Nibbles. I know not to give it to him again. :). Then again, he is very picky.

  2. I also fed this hay to all four of mypiggies and none of them ate the flowers.

  3. I also fed this hay to all four of mypiggies and none of them ate the flowers.

  4. How much hay should piggies get everyday? Should it just always be available? My baby male loves it and eats more hay than anything. Is this ok? Thx! Love this blog since I now have my first guinea pig, Henry! Hoping to get him a friend very soon!

  5. Hi, Nikki! Thanks for enjoying the blog. Hay should be available in unlimited quantity- as much as your piggie wants to eat. Younger pigs grow quickly and always seem to be hungry!
    We find that Hayloft is the best hay out there for the quality and the price- you can order it online and they'll ship it to your door.
    The only catch is you have to buy in bulk, but 25lbs of the hay is only $19. Even with shipping, it ends up costing much less than pet store hay and it's usually better quality and fresher.
    To order, check out their webpage:

    Of course, pet store hay is fine, too. We particularly like Oxbow brand.
    Thanks for checking us out!