Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toys for Guinea Pigs: Toilet Paper Rolls

Today, we tried another one of the toy ideas at toilet paper rolls. The humans followed their instructions, which were to cut a slit down the side (so we can't get stuck like Annie did in the hay ball) and then stuff it with hay.
I get the top end!
You two can fight over the bottom end.
Broccoli, you're getting a little too close to the top end. I called it, remember?
So what's the verdict on toilet paper rolls? They honestly don't do much that our food bowl doesn't already do. I suppose there was a bit of novelty in eating out of a tube, but I can't see us taking much of an interest in it once the food runs out. We'll give toilet paper rolls 2/5 stars.


  1. Hi.. I haven't thought of using the toilet roll for hay but my piggies absolutely love them. They of course are too big to hide in the slit tube, so JoJo and Sugar just run half their bodies through it and Gypsy tosses hers around the cage and they all love to nibble on it. I change my tubes weekly so they don't get yucky. (I have friends save their empty tp rolls for me). Hope your piggies enjoy empty rolls as much as mine do! :)

  2. awe! My rabbit used to love toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. So fun to watch.

  3. At least, Annie tried playing with it. That was a good thing. :) Try letting her play a bidet spray on her own. :P

  4. my pigges love it i well tell other piggy onwers