Friday, June 17, 2011

Remembering Annie

In two of our past posts, Annie has come up. I mentioned her way back when I introduced myself, and again when we posted our baby pictures. So who was Annie? Annie was the first piggy that our humans owned. They got her off Craigslist from a woman who was moving away and could not bring Annie with her.

Annie, shortly after the humans got her.
Annie plays with her hay-ball toy.

One time, Annie got stuck in her toy, though. That's probably why the humans got rid of it.
The reason the humans got us is because they read that guinea pigs get lonely by themselves. Even though Annie bit my ear when she first met me, we ended up becoming good friends. Annie only lived for about a year after our humans got her, but we'll always remember her fondly.


  1. how could she fit in there? and how did they get her out?

  2. The humans looked in the cage and saw that she had somehow gotten stuck! Luckily, it was a flexible toy so hopefully it wasn't too uncomfortable. The humans gently pulled her out.