Monday, September 24, 2012

Product Review: Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

A few weeks back, we were contacted by the good folks at Small Pet Select about the possibility of sampling their hay and reviewing it on Cavy Savvy. Of course we agreed, and we eagerly waited for the glorious day when the big white and green box arrived at our doorstep.

Yum! For us?

We opened it up and saw a hand written letter:

The humans opened the door to our cage and let us at it. Broccoli as the first to discover the box...

Sniff sniff sniff
Then the humans placed the hay in our bowl and we chowed down:

This is tasty, tasty hay.

We love timothy hay from Small Pet Select. It is cheaper and fresher than pet store hay, and it comes right to our door. Plus, shipping is extremely reasonable (actually, shipping is currently FREE if you use the code T32HAY30 when you check out!)

To order some for yourselves, just click here. Seriously, give them a try. You'll never buy pet store hay again.

5/5 stars!


  1. How does it compare with Kleenmama's?

  2. How does it compare with Kleenmama's?

    1. In terms of both quality and price, it's roughly the same. However, if you buy from Small Pet Select using this link, Cavy Savvy gets 10% and uses that towards our giveaways: