Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest Piggies: Alphalpha and Zeeby

It's time for another guest piggie post! These cute guys come courtesy of loyal readers Amanda and Jackie. Without further ado, we'll turn it over to Alphalpha and Zeeby.

Time for us to type our first guest post!
Hi we're Alphalpha (left) and Zeeby (right) :) our favorite treat is carrots and we are big tricksters! We will squeak when our mommy comes into the room and then get a treat, and when our other mommy comes in we will also squeak for another treat. That way we get two hehehe! We also really like celery leaves and our mommies think its hilarious when one of us tries to take the snack out of the other ones mouth.
We love yummy hay! Om nom nom.
We love a clean cage and fresh hay! Even though we are 3 years old, we still love to popcorn all around our cage. We also love to squeak and 'wheet'. Our mommy says we are great company, and she love us so much!


  1. Thank you!! So are Daisy and Cress!! Your picture gives us the great idea to set up our playpen in the yard and let Alphalpha and Zeeby have some outside time!

  2. woow nice is this hole in the wooden thing for the cavies to hide there >?