Monday, July 29, 2013

Five Reasons You Should Own a Guinea Pig

I'd imagine that most of our readers are guinea pig owners (or guinea pigs like us), but there might be some humans out there who are still asking themselves, "Should I own a guinea pig?" Assuming you can afford a guinea pig, here are some great reasons to bring some home:

1. Since we eat fruit and vegetables, you'll start stocking up more of these in your refrigerator, encouraging you to eat healthier.
2. Because we chew up papers, wires, etc. that we find laying around on the floor, we'll encourage you to keep your house cleaner.
3. Pets can be beneficial to your health by reducing stress.
4. We're an entertaining alternative to television and video games, especially if you get two of us. Guinea pigs are social animals, and should be adopted in pairs.
5. We can function like an alarm clock and make sure you wake up on time by wheeking loudly in the morning for our breakfast of pellets. Okay, maybe sometimes this can be a negative, but the humans are always on time for work!

I'm great company.