Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guinea Pig Product Review: DreamersStudio Snuggle Hut

As you may recall, we had a 300th post giveaway, and Marianberry was our grand prize winner. She won a DreamersStudio Snuggle Hut, and we gave her the option to let her piggies do a guest review of it since this is a product we've never tried. We're happy to say that her piggies decided to review it, which we will now share with you:

Hi! My name is Pippin, one of three guinea pigs in this family. I don't get to see the other two that much though, because the Human says I'm going through something called "guinea pig puberty". I have to stay in my own cage, which is a real drag. At least I get plenty of floor time, so I'm getting plenty of exercise!

When the Human brought home the DreamersStudio Snuggle Hut, at first I didn't know what to make of it. Sure, it was a change of scenery during floor time, but what was this strange thing?

I decided to explore it further.

So far, so good.
Later on, the Hut began to stink a little, so the Human took it away to wash.  I heard her oohing and ahhing over how easy it was to take the tube out and wash.  That really makes no sense to me; I just want to know when I can have it back to snuggle in some more!  But, cruel Human that she was, she put it in the other cage with the big meanies.  I think Fatty (who is slightly less mean than Merry) took a real liking to it.  

At least the Snuggle Hut made its way back to my area after the Human saw how their bedding and hay stuck to the fleece.  
Overall, the Snuggle Hut is one of my favorite places to nap, and the Human likes how easy it is to clean, as long as it's kept on fleece bedding or carpet, so I give the DreamersStudio Snuggle Hut a 5/5!


  1. Cute review! Thanks for the giggles! xo Jennifer

    1. We agree! Marianberry's piggies did a great job, and we definitely wouldn't mind seeing another guest piggy post from Pippin, Fatty and Merry.