Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Turnip Greens?

Turnip greens are the leaves of the turnip plant, which is better known for its roots. When selecting turnip greens, look for ones that are unblemished and deep green. They should stay fresh for about four days in your human's refrigerator.

We can eat turnip greens only 1-2 times per week because they are high in calcium.

Hey! You two didn't wait for me before you started eating!
That's not how you treat the dominant pig!
Oh, that reminds me! I'm the dominant pig, not you, Broccoli! Just needed to clear that up after your latest post.
It's unfortunate that turnip greens are so high in calcium so we're not allowed to have them again for a while. We really enjoyed them! 5/5 stars!


  1. Thank you!!!
    Btw, you might want to check your 2012 post of ask a guinea pig. You know, the one where you tell everyone about Ask a guinea pig.
    Ashley & Wendy

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