Monday, August 25, 2014

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Hubbard Squash?

Fall does not officially start until September 22nd, but based on what our humans have been bringing back from the grocery store and farmer's market, it's already beginning to feel a little like fall. Our most recent acquisition is a hubbard squash.

That thing is huge!
Hubbard squash is way too big for piggies to eat by themselves, so your humans will have plenty of leftovers from what you can't eat. We've read that hubbard squash can be substitute for pumpkin in pumpkin pie; as always, keep in mind that stuff is only for humans (and even humans shouldn't eat too much pie).

We guinea pigs only eat it raw. Hubbard squash is a winter squash, which means we can have it 2-4 times per week. Make sure you remove the seeds and stringy stuff before feeding it to us. From what we've read, you can feed us the skin on a winter squash, although the humans just fed us the flesh.

My food!
Okay, I guess I'll share a little.
Bored now. All yours!
Hubbard squash was okay at first, and I didn't want to share. After eating it a while, I got a little bored and decided to share, and then I left the plate entirely to Lola and Buffy, who proceeded to finish it over. We'll give hubbard squash 4/5 stars!

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