Friday, August 1, 2014

Product Review: Kaytee Timothy Hay

Going to the vet means uncomfortable car rides, so the humans try their best to make us as comfortable as possible despite this. This means lining our carriers with towels we can snuggle up in, and leaving a nice handful of hay for us to munch on.

The last time we were at the vet, he noticed the hay in our carrier, and said, "That looks really fresh. Where did you get that?" It was from Small Pet Select, who is our favorite hay provider. Small Pet Select is a mail-order company, however, and the humans don't always reorder hay in time, forcing us to get some hay from the pet store as a stopgap measure. This time, we got Kaytee Timothy Hay as our stopgap hay.
Come on, humans! Is it really that hard to reorder hay on time?
Just from looking at the color of this hay, it's a safe bet we wouldn't be receiving any questions from the vet about where we got it if we brought it in our carriers. It definitely lacks that beautiful, fresh shade of green that Small Pet Select has.

It's a bit dried out compared to Small Pet Select, but it's okay.
Although it's not up the quality of Small Pet Select, it's still edible. There were a decent number of seed heads, which are our favorite part of the the hay. If your human also forgot to reorder, this will get the job done. We'll give Kaytee Timothy Hay 3.5/5 stars!


  1. That's the hay that we used to use, but then we switched to small pet select

    1. Good choice! I bet your vet will be impressed, too. :-)