Monday, September 7, 2015

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Golden Raspberries?

You may have noticed that we haven't been doing many posts recently on what guinea pigs can eat. This is because we've already reviewed most of the foods that we know guinea pigs are allowed to eat and are available at our local stores and farmer's markets. However, the other day, the humans finally came across something new: golden raspberries! We haven't even heard of golden raspberries before. Will they taste different from regular raspberries?

Raspberries can be fed almost daily to guinea pigs, but only 1-2 raspberries per pig per day. (We went with three for those post because we hadn't had any fruit lately, and we agreed we'd get no raspberries tomorrow.)

Can't wait to sink my teeth into them!
No, Broccoli! It's mine!
Why is it that whenever I find foods that I like, another piggy tries to steal it from me? It's too bad there wasn't a hiding spot nearby. He ended up getting half of the last golden raspberry!

Well, I suppose I can't hold it against golden raspberries for being so good that they inspire bad behavior in my cage mate. To be honest, aside from the gold color, I didn't find any differences between these and regular red raspberries. But that's just fine, because we love regular raspberries. Golden raspberries get 5/5 stars!


  1. We feel your pain, Buffy. We both enjoy trying to steal food from each other! You look so cute in the middle picture.