Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Black Corinth Grapes?

Black corinth grapes are also known as champagne grapes. They are the smallest variety of seedless grape. If dried, they are then known as Zante currants. These should not be confused with the berries called currants, which you may remember from our previous review. (For information on dried grapes, see our raisins review.)

Like all grapes, we can have black corinth grapes 2-4 times per week in 25 gram portions.

They're so little! They look perfect for the size our mouths.
Lunch time!
They're pretty good.
Black corinth grapes aren't bad, but they turned out not to be our favorite. We both ate them with less enthusiasm then we would our favorite foods (like carrots), and Broccoli got bored and wandered off before finishing his. For being pretty good but not quite as good as regular grapes, black corinth grapes get 3/5 stars!

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