Monday, October 26, 2015

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Huckleberries?

Even though sometimes our humans make bad decisions like feeding us lemons, we're still pretty happy with our humans overall. Take this past week, for instance. Our humans visited the west coast, and while there, they thought of us and brought us back a gift from the other side of the country. What gift, you ask? Why, our favorite thing ever: food!

This time, the humans managed to get their hands on huckleberries.
Huckleberries for me? What a thoughtful gift!
Huckleberries can be found in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest. They're the main food source for a bunch of animals including deer, birds, insects, and bears. We've read that efforts to domesticate the huckleberry haven't been very successful, so they have to picked in the wild by hand, leading to them being somewhat expensive. Thanks, humans! We know that money stuff is very important to you.

Guinea pigs can have huckleberries, but should only have a couple per pig per week. (The humans gave us a little more than they were supposed to before they realized that the diet expert at had recommended we only have a couple. Oops! I guess this means no fruit for the rest of the week for us, unfortunately.)

This better be good if I'm missing out on all other fruit this week.
Not bad...
Huckleberries were pretty good. However, we did get bored of them eventually. Broccoli would wonder off, eat hay, come back and nibble at them. I started doing this too towards the end. I suppose this is another reason to feed less- you don't want to waste expensive berries by allowing us to get bored of them!

Huckleberries get 3/5 stars!

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  1. In England, we can grow huckleberries from seed. I tried this a few years ago but nobody liked them very much, least of all the Piggyfriends. I won't be bothering again.