Sunday, October 11, 2015

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lemongrass?

It took a bit of research to figure out if we were allowed to eat lemongrass. We found one person express concern that lemongrass is the source of citronella, an insect repellent, which gave us pause. However, we also found that other people claim their guinea pigs love it, and more importantly, the diet expert at said that it should "be fine occasionally." Therefore, we're going to say that lemongrass should be okay for guinea pigs to eat, but only occasionally, and only in small portions just to be safe.

First, start by having the humans cut off the stiff tops and the root ends, and then peel the outer layers. You'll only want to give us the relatively-softer inner part; the rest of the plant is just too tough.
Even the softer inner part looks pretty tough!
Wow, this is really tough to eat!
I'm confused. Is this food or a chew toy?
Broccoli got sick of chewing and left without fighting me for my portion. I stuck around and chewed on this stuff for a bit, but eventually got bored. This is nowhere our favorite food, but we've had worse. (I'm looking at you, actual lemons!) It did leave a nice lemony flavor in my mouth, though.

Lemongrass gets 2/5 stars!

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