Sunday, April 24, 2016

Second Guinea Pig Introduction Attempt

Well, hello there readers. It's been a tough week as the newest writer here at Cavy Savvy. The humans have been doing their best to make a smooth introduction happen, which I am certainly not opposed to in principal, although my prospective cage-mates have been acting rather ridiculously during our recent encounter. See the video for yourself:

The drama continues!

So it starts out with the two of them getting way too close for comfort. A bit intimidating, but I remain cool as a cucumber. Then Buffy starts up with a back attack! Now I'm not an overly-aggressive pig, but if you hit me, I'll hit you right back. Sorry Buffy, but you were asking for it!

Then Broccoli starts getting rather aggressively close, and even starts climbing on me! Listen up, Broccoli. I'm nobody's footstool, and running circles around me doesn't impress me. Nor does butt-sniffing. And there's only so much foolish behavior I can tolerate before you'll leave me no choice but to headbutt you!

Clearly, Broccoli wants to prove his dominance, but he bit off a bit more than he can chew with me!

That's what defeat looks like.
Better luck next time! I sure hope we can resolve all this dominance foolishness soon.

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  1. It is getting better! No pig is actually fighting. Have you tried giving them all a shampoo together?