Sunday, May 1, 2016

Getting Guinea Pigs to Try New Foods

Well, hello there readers. I recently had an interesting experience that I must share with you. Ever since moving to my new home, the humans have been trying to get me to eat new things. These new foods have included things called "cherry tomatoes" and "zucchini." (Perhaps you've heard of them? ) I have so far ignored the tomatoes, and pooped on the zucchini. Perhaps that sounds uncouth to you, but if I don't recognize something as food and it's in my cage, it's within my rights to poop on it.

The humans seemed displeased with how I was treating their gifts, and decided to punish me with another bonding attempt. Oh, great. More of Broccoli's annoying attempts to assert dominance. Didn't know you cared that much about zucchini, humans!

This time went a little differently, however. The humans put us all down on the floor around a blue plate with chunks of something called "green pepper." Sorry, that doesn't look like food, either.

What is this stuff?
Or does it? Broccoli and Buffy seem to be eating it. I'm just starting to get to know them, though, and I don't know if I trust their opinions yet. They do seem to really be enjoying it, though. Really enjoying it. If I just sit here and watch, it will all be gone soon. And why should I be left out of such enjoyment?! That's it, I'm trying this green pepper stuff out for myself!

Let me just try a little of this to see what all the fuss is about...
Not bad!
Quite good stuff, it turns out. So maybe I trust their opinion a little more now. Maybe I'll actually give tomatoes and zucchini a try if I see them eat it first. No promises, though.


  1. We LOVE green peppers!! Tomatoes and zucchini are delicious, too!

    -- Oliver and Sebastian

    1. I've actually learned to like cherry tomatoes since posting this. You're certainly right about that one!