Sunday, May 22, 2016

Guinea Pig Report Cards

Hi there, readers! The humans have been traveling a lot this month. This means they haven't had as much time to go the store and find new foods and products for us to review, which means we've been posting a little less than usual.

There is something interesting we wanted to share with you, though. We were boarded at the vet's during the human's trip, and when they finally came back and picked us up, the vet gave the humans report cards on our behavior!

We did love the treats!
Lola could learn a thing or two about having a healthy appetite from us!
So just a warning to other guinea pigs out there-- If your humans board you at a good veterinarian, then they might be given a report card, so be in your best behavior. (At least while the vet is looking!)


  1. Hmm. We think Arwen would also be shy, but Eowyn would make sure everyone else knew she was the boss. She will have to remember not to do that when the vet is looking!

    1. Good idea. You don't want the vet blabbing about your personal business to your humans, after all! :-)

  2. We think that it is wonderful that you can stay with your vet when your humans are away. That means that if you are poorly, expert attention is right there straight away.

    We love the report cards and we think that you all did very well.

    1. The humans did say they they wonder how we're doing while we're away, and find it comforting to know that the vet is so attentive to us while we're there.

      I think we should also get report cards on the humans during their vacations. It's only fair! :-)