Sunday, September 25, 2016

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Dumpling Squash?

The first official day of fall just happened earlier this week. We like the fall for a few reasons. First, the temperature drops closer to the ideal range for guinea pigs (at least in our area it does--can't speak for all the readers out there who might leave in really hot or cold places). And second, it means that the humans tend to find new squash for us to try, which we tend to like. And, right on cue, the humans brought home a new one!
The humans saw this at the farmer's market and thought of us. We got them trained well!  
As it turns, out, Dumpling Squash is also known as Sweet Dumpling Squash, and it's supposed to have "sweet, tender orange flesh." Well then, what are you waiting for, humans? Cut it open and let us try it!

Hurry up! Clean out the gunky stuff!
We can have winter squash like Sweet Dumpling Squash 2-4 times per week. As with other squash, just feed us the flesh--no seeds, stringy parts, skin, or stems.

Broccoli, I sure hope you wouldn't mind staying on your side. I believe that's a perfectly fair way to share the squash.
Hey! You're now on both sides! That wasn't our agreement!
The squash was delightful, even if Broccoli's manners were not quite at that level. We give Sweet Dumpling Squash 5/5 stars!

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