Sunday, September 11, 2016

More Celebrities with Guinea Pigs

We did a post on celebrities with guinea pigs last month, and asked readers to let us know in the comments section of they knew of any others. Piggyfriends obliged, and pointed out: "Queen Elizabeth 1st. of England ( 1533-1603 ) had a pet guinea pig. Our ancestors must have been quite a novelty in those far off days when we were first brought back from South America." Unfortunately, there is no photo of her with a guinea pig. This was the closest thing we could find:

From the Being Bess blog: "The Ermine Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, by William Segar. Elizabeth is depicted with an ermine on her sleeve (a member of the weasel family, along with ferrets, a domesticated form of polecat used for hunting), representing her royal birth. Unfortunately, there is no Guinea Pig Portrait!" 
We also learned that journalist Soledad O'Brien had a guinea pig named CJ:
Soledad O'Briend, her guinea pig CJ, and Anderson Cooper. (Source.)
CJ even has his own Twitter account (which hasn't been updated in a long time, unfortunately):

In addition, we have more pics and information on the Roosevelt family guinea pigs, as first mentioned in our previous post:
"Roosevelt was the only president to own guinea pigs. Their names were Admiral Dewey, Bishop Doane, Dr. Johnson, Father O'Grady, and Fighting Bob Evans." (source: Reddit)
Thanks again to Piggyfriends for providing us the information on Elizabeth 1 of England! Again, if you know of any other guinea pigs who had famous human companions, please let us know in the comments section.


  1. Can you imagine what a guinea pig would have done with Elizabeth's dress?

  2. Our Slave found a painting of Elizabeth a child and she is holding a piggy! We cannot embed it in this comment but maybe we could email it to you. Or you could Google "Elizabeth 1st guinea pig" and see it for yourselves. Sorry we are late in replying but Slave has been away.

  3. Natalie Wood, Susan Surandon, Gypsy Rose Lee all had guinea pigs! Thank you for these celebrity articles, I've been finding them so fascinating.

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