Monday, October 17, 2016

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Atlas Carrots?

The humans have decided to try something called "Blue Apron" recently. In exchange for some of that money stuff they care so much about, a box shows up once a week with ingredients and recipes. While we can't eat a lot of this human food, this has been good news for us because it has meant that some new fruits and veggies have shown up at our door.

When we heard that a new type of carrot had arrived in the Blue Apron box, we had to wheek loudly until the humans agreed to let us review it. The carrot is called an Atlas Carrot, and it is no ordinary carrot. Here's how the Territorial Seed Company describes these things: "An out-of-this-world planet or Parisian Market-type carrot, Atlas has a delightful globe shape with a sweet flavor and dainty crunch." That's right, a round carrot! Can you believe it?

That's a carrot? Not an orange pepper?
Like all carrots, we can eat atlas carrots almost daily, but no more than the equivalent of 1 baby carrot at a time. We recommend having your humans cut your carrots into thin slices. That way, it will seem like you've got more to eat!

Broccoli, smell that for me. Are you sure it's carrot?
He seems sure, but let me give it a quick sniff to be sure.
Yes, that's definitely carrot! Yum!
Atlas carrots taste like regular carrots, but have a fun shape. We give atlas carrots 5/5 stars!

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