Sunday, April 3, 2011

Can guinea pigs eat mangos?

Today we're reviewing Champagne Mango. Buffy said she only gives it 3 stars, but I would give it 5 stars. We'll split the difference and give it 4 stars. Wait, I'm the dominant pig, so my opinion counts for more; let's say 4.5 stars.

I want that!
As you can see, we were both excited to try it, but I was way more excited.

I eagerly dug in to my bowl of mango bits, while Buffy chose one bit and ate it off to the side.

Buffy eventually got bored and went to her pigloo without finishing her food, while I stuffed my face my champagne mango. Delicious!

Munch, munch--Back off! Mine!

After watching me chow down, Buffy came back out and decided she would give champagne mango a second chance. At this point, however, I decided the entire bowl was mine and didn't want to share.


  1. cuuuuuteteeeeeeeee

  2. Awww That is soo cute!

  3. We absolutely love your blog and find it so informative! Without you guys, we probably would miss out on a whole heap of nutrititious, I mean, delicious food. Love Artemis (and Klaus).

    1. Thanks, Artemis and Klaus! We're glad to hear that we're expanding your meal options. :-)