Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bad Humans!

Lola here. I would like to thank all the humans who checked out our blog recently, but I have a bone to pick with a couple of you. I'm looking at you, betenoire and Kayleigh, who told our humans that we don't necessarily need Vitamin C. Our humans didn't need to know that! We had a good thing going, and now the humans are thinking about cutting back just because we get enough fruits and vegetables.


Please don't take away our Vitamin C!

I propose a compromise. On days where we get vitamin C rich fresh foods, we'll forgo our daily C. But on busy days where the humans don't give us enough C-rich foods, we get to have our delicious liquid vitamin C. Sound good? I know, I know, it's for our own good. But we will not stand for cutting vitamin C out of our lives completely. It's out favorite time of the day! Well, that, and floor time. But more on floor time later...


  1. Ow wow, some piggies could learn from you!
    Be good and take you meds... or vitamin C.
    Most if us just eat the sugarless vit C pills...

    Mom says you look like very pretty pigs, she especially likes the one on the bottom pigture!

  2. I really donb't want anyone to take you two charroctors vitimins away! :O