Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Butternut Squash?

Now that Halloween is over, we're looking forward to a slew of Thanksgiving food-related posts. First up on the menu is butternut squash. We can eat butternut squash, a type of winter squash, 2-4 times per week. We should only be fed the orange flesh; don't feed us the stalk, stem, or seeds.

It looks like a carrot, but tastes even better!
Yum yum yum!
We give it 5/5 stars! In case you were wondering, we prefer to eat this raw, as we do with most fresh foods.


  1. Happens to be my favorite food as well!

  2. Lol - that's awesome! Maybe Astro and Mika will like it... probably not, they only like the same old foods, they are VERY boring piggies... they only eat broccoli (not the piggy), carrot, celary, capsicum and parsley! Hopefully they girls will be more adventurous... oh and did I mention we might be getting a texel friend?