Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vitamin C Options for Guinea Pigs

As you know, we're a big fan of liquid vitamin C. We'll drink it right out of the syringe, and will not want to let go the syringe afterwards because it tastes so good!

Some piggies aren't as wild about having syringes in their mouths, however. Annie liked the taste of the vitamin C liquid, but hated it when humans tried to shove it in her face. Broccoli is the same way. However, Broccoli is a fan of vitamin C in tablet form:

And, of course, you should feed us fresh fruits and vegetables daily. It is possible to get all the vitamin C we need from food, as some have pointed out. However, since vitamin C liquid and tablets can be a real treat and vitamin C deficiency is not something you want to risk, we recommend fresh produce and daily vitamin C supplements. Trust us, your piggy will thank you!


  1. Hi!
    Both of my piggies hate the taste and smell of the liquid drops that I put on their food, and I've heard that it's not as effective when you do put their supplement in their food.

    Where do you get your liquid vitamin C?

    1. Our vet sells bottles of liquid vitamin C, which the humans buy for us.

  2. My pigs get most of theirs from pellets and broccoli