Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Can't Guinea Pigs Eat?

Here on Cavy Savvy, we talk a lot about the different types of foods that guinea pigs can eat. When we checked the blog analytics and saw what people are searching for, however, we realized that we need to do a post on what guinea pigs can't eat. Here are some actual things that people searched for:

* "guinea pig and peace lily" - A really bad combination! We mentioned this in our floor time post.
* "guinea pigs - chives", "guinea pig ate onion" - As we mentioned in our cantaloupe post, you shouldn't feed us chives, onions, or potatoes. (Side note: the green top portion of chives may be okay to feed us, but after our experience, we'd still rather just avoid them altogether.)
* "guinea pig eats shoe lace" - Yes, we will if you let us! But you shouldn't let us. That also goes for whoever searched for "can guinea pigs eat paper bags" (although paper bags can be fun to play in).
* "do guinea pigs eat pumpkin seeds" - As we mentioned in our pumpkin post, you shouldn't feed us the seeds.
* "can guinea pig eat asian food" - "Asian food" covers a lot of ground, so there's no simple answer to this one. You can rule out anything that's not Asian produce for starts. Asian pears are okay to feed us, but a lot of other Asian fruits and vegetables are "question foods." If in doubt, don't feed it to us.
* "can guinea pigs have waffles" - No, we can't! Please, no processed human foods for your guinea pigs.

For more information, check out the lists of foods to avoid here and here.

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  1. Thanks for taking me to this, Lola, Brocolli, and Buffy! This really helps!