Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Product Review: Oxbow Botanical Hay

For the past several days, our lives have been filled with excitement--not the good kind of excitement like when the humans open a new bag of treats, but the bad kind of excitement, like when the humans took us to get blessed. Because of the recent storms, there was no electricity to keep us cool, which regular readers of this blog know is important. So, the humans had to temporarily relocate us to a new place where the electricity still worked. While we were nice and cool, we were also terrified. The floors were unfamiliar, so we didn't want to walk on them when the humans tried to give us floor time. Even worse, we could smell and hear some of those big scary animals from the blessing and the costume contest outside the door. Fortunately, the humans kept the door closed so we never came face-to-face with those scary monsters that go "meow."

Apparently, the humans didn't expect us to be away from home for as long as we were, because they didn't bring enough Kleenmama/Hayloft hay to last the entire time. So, they had to go to the local pet store and buy us the next best thing: Oxbow hay! We love Oxbow hay! Although perhaps we should reserve judgment until we try it since this is a new variety: Oxbow Botanical hay.
Give it to me NOW!
We love it! 5/5 stars!

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