Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buffy and Lola Get Blessed

We were really hoping to make it to the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue's Pigstravaganza this last weekend and meet other guinea pigs. Unfortunately, it turned out to be really cold and rainy that day, and as we mentioned before, it is important that your guinea pig does not get too hot or too cold. The humans were able to find an alternative event, for us, however: the Blessing of the Animals at St. George's Church.

As it turned out, the event attracted mostly dogs and a few cats, so we brought some much-needed diversity to the proceedings.
What are those big hairy things? They're scary! Good thing we can stay hidden in our new carriers!
Here I am getting blessed! Does this mean I'll have divine protection from Lola being a bully?
Afterwards, we each got a medal of Saint Francis of Assisi. There was a buffet with human food and dog food, but no guinea pig food. Come on, humans! Next year, just put some hay and carrots on the table and make us feel included. Overall, it was a nice experience, despite the scary dogs and lack of good food. We might just get blessed again next year.

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