Monday, October 15, 2012

Product Review: Super Pet Comfort Harness and Stretchy Stroller

The humans were digging through the closet the other day, and found one of the worst products we have ever tried. While we'd rather not think about the day the humans got us the so-called "Comfort Harness" from Super Pet, we feel like other guinea pigs need to be warned: If you see your humans with one of these things, wheek for your life!

Avoid this thing like a lemon!
A while ago, the humans saw this thing in the pet store, and thought it would be fun to put it on me. Being the dominant pig, I wasn't afraid at first. However, once they started to put it on, I was terrified! It was uncomfortable and constricting, like a big hawk just grabbed me in its talons. I wheeked at the top of my lungs and wiggled free. The humans quickly realized they made a mistake put the harness away. I ran and hid from them, unsure of whether I could trust them anymore. They apologized and offered carrots, and I was too upset to even eat them. (Okay, that didn't last long. But given how much I love carrots, that should tell you how upset I was!)

Lucky for us, our humans were smart enough not to press the issue once I made it clear how much I hated the "comfort" harness.

According to Guinea Pig Today, "Guinea pig bone structure isn’t meant for an activity like walking on a leash and they can be injured." The wording on the package is ambiguous as to whether the leash is really meant for guinea pigs. It has a photo of rabbits wearing the leash, and says for "other furry friends" and "your critter", but as a guinea pig, I'm telling you I hate it! 1/5 stars!


  1. Oh, wow, this is good to know! I was wondering if our boys would like one of these, but now I know not to get one!

  2. I used to have 2 guinea pigs, and they HATED those leads too! I agree with you, they are not good for little piggies. You can get hamster leads as well, (I have a hamster and a hamster blog), but they can cause problems with your pets insides cause they can get squashed :(... Great blog and post!!

  3. Wow! I never knew that the leash and harness could be so stressful to guinea pigs! I was thinking about getting my guinea pig one, but now I know not to buy him one! Thanks! :) By the way, I luv your blog! I want to follow it, but I think your follower button is broken or something.

  4. Poor piggy. At least your humans learned their lesson.

  5. Glad we could spare other piggies the discomfort our humans made us endure!