Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toys for Guinea Pigs: Oatmeal Containers

The fine folks at are full of great toy ideas, and today we tried another one: oatmeal containers. They recommend slicing the oatmeal container lengthwise so piggies don't get stuck in them, but we used a large enough one that this precaution wasn't necessary. Keep this in mind if you use a smaller container, however.

What's this new toy?
Hi Broccoli! Hi Lola!
Crawl through, or chew the edges? Hmmm...
I can fit through it despite my texel curls.
I see you, human!
Since oatmeal containers are fun to chew on and to walk through, we give them 5/5 stars!


  1. My name is Eep and my human has had me for about a year now. She had an igloo for me but it did not fit under my shelf and allow me to climb my ramp to my food. So she went to the hardware store and bought me a three way pvc tube for plumbing. I love my tube and am very particular about arranging it in my cage.
    She also grows my herbs and fruits in containers on the porch. I am a picky pig but have found a special liking for stevia leaves. Mom only gives me a few a week though and that's okay, I guess.
    Just thought I'd introduce myself as my owner and I love your blog.
    Thanks guys.I'm sure pretty soon I'll have my owner try out some new stuff thanks to your recommendations.
    Stay chilly fellow cavies...

    1. Welcome, Eep! We've never tried stevia leaves, but maybe we'll review them in a future post. Glad to hear we've got another fan out there! :-)