Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Product Review: Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits

Last time I was at the vet for a trim, the humans saw a new type of Oxbow treat, and we absolutely had to have it!

Oxbow treats in a green bag? I'm intrigued!

Hey, feed me, not Lola! 

That's better! Yum! I love Oxbow treats!
The humans fed us on their lap, one by one. They do this because Lola has a nasty habit of stealing food, and we will often run away with our treats back to our pigloos to eat them, which does not make for good blog pictures. All three of us loved these new treats. They're delicious, they're organic, and they're the perfect size for the humans to hold them out for us without risk of nipping their fingers. 5/5 stars!

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