Sunday, November 4, 2012

Product Review: Gorgeous Guineas Posh 'n' Go Shampoo

The humans gave me another bath today. I don't like baths at all! It's uncomfortable and scary being surrounded by water, and I still think it's no fair that Lola and Broccoli don't have to put up with these frequent baths.

The humans did something different with this bath. In the past, they used Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo on me, until the news came out that it may contain toxins. I demanded that the humans find a safer alternative if they insist on this cruel ritual of getting my fur wet. According to the guinea pig message boards, Gorgeous Guineas has the best guinea pig shampoos out there, so I told them to order it. Gorgeous Guineas has a lot of options to choose from; since I have long hair, the humans ordered the Posh 'n' Go.

The shampoo costs £9.50, which, with shipping, came out to $25.55 in U.S. dollars, plus a $0.76 "international purchase transaction fee." For legal reasons, the humans also had to "sign" a disclaimer before they would ship it to the U.S.; signing it consisted of sending an email saying they agreed to their terms and conditions. After all this, here is what they got:

Is this supposed to make me like bath time? It won't work.
It smells really nice, but I'm still not happy about this.

I want out!

Time to dry off!
All dry now and in my clean cage!

Bath time is never fun, no matter what shampoo your humans use. But, if you can't avoid being bathed by your humans, Gorgeous Guineas will leave you smelling nice afterwards, and you won't have to worry about toxins. I suppose I'll give Gorgeous Guineas 5/5 stars for being a great product, even though I hate bath time.


  1. Hello Buffy, You look lovely after your shampoo even if you didn't enjoy the pampering session:) You're lucky to have such a nice mum.
    Chrissie@Gorgeous Guineas

  2. We were told at the pet store, to use the spray on shampoo and just a brush. The clerk told us not to get our guinea pigs wet, because they can get sick. Was that not true? If so, what is the safest way to bathe them?

    1. That's not exactly true. Baths are generally safe, although you should avoid getting water in our ears, and make sure you dry us thoroughly before returning us home so we don't get too cold. The safest way to bathe your piggies is to start by filling a large, shallow bowl with warm water (our humans sometimes use the bowl from a salad spinner). Then use a mild shampoo like Gorgeous Guineas (alternatives: Bunny Bath by Four Paws, Hylyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo, EPI-SOOTHE® SHAMPOO), rinse, and dry thoroughly.