Sunday, November 18, 2012

Product Review: Vitakraft Eco-Bedding

Longtime readers of Cavy Savvy might be asking themselves, "Didn't you piggies already review Eco Bedding?" As it turns out, the Eco Bedding we reviewed last time was Fibercore Eco Bedding, and this is Vitakraft Eco-Bedding. Aside from the brand name, is there any difference between the two?

Broccoli, you weren't around when we reviewed the other Eco Bedding. Let me tell you all about it...
One obvious difference is the color: It's a very eye-catching shade of blue. (It also comes in brown and purple)

Looks like someone put the sky through a shredder and lined our cage with it.
When we tried the other Eco-bedding, we found that it was scary to walk on something that was so crinkly. Now that we're a year older and wiser, we don't find crinkly bedding as scary as we used to. We're still terrified of humans sneezing, however! How do their noses make such scary noises?

Speaking of humans sneezing, this litter wasn't dusty, which was a good thing. It's also made from natural, recycled materials, which is nice. One of the problems we had with this bedding was that it would get everywhere, and we had to hear the humans complain about sweeping up the floor around our cage in addition to changing the litter in our cage. It was also not as absorbent as the Sunseed Fresh World Bedding (also made by Vitakraft). But overall, this is pretty good litter. 4.5/5 stars!

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